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Quotes – Season 3

  • There is nothin wrong with leaning on your friends for taking care of something. Its better than missing out your family.. when you are stuck making new friends. Still.. even thats not the worst. Being such a mess that your friends do not even ask for your help. That is the bottom of the barrel.
  • Sometimes in life.. so often you just wish you were different in every single way. But here is the inside scoop, “Time spent wishing.. is the time wasted. If you want to be different.. then just be different.”
  • Sometimes i feel grateful.. that most of the things do not change. Because its somewhat comforting. And if something do change. More often or not.. it just reminds you of feeling what you had all along.
  • In life.. everyday is just made up of little battles. Sometimes you fight them not because you want to.. but because you have to. Other times you fight for what you want.. sometimes in life.. what you want.. is not willing to wait. If your lucky.. there is no battle at all.. and everything works out perfectly.
  • I’m always happy.. when someone wins his battle. Because around here.. you get your fair share of disappointment. I guess.. in the end.. you have to fight for the things that really matters.. like pride in your work.. or your friendship. And sometimes.. all you can do is grit your teeth.. and tell the truth.
  • All that matters is finding a way to sleep at night. Whether it is finally standing up to your cruel boss.. or finding a simple solution of a big problem.. or imagining devil taking your foe’s arms off. You do not need a doctor to tell you that.. a good night sleep can fix almost anything.
  • Pride’s a funny thing.. a lot of times pride can be pretty hard to swallow.. still in a good friendship.. pride never gets in a way.
  • Affection can give you strength.. you never knew you had. It can also give you courage.
  • Once the dynamics of relationship is established.. it rarely changes. Of course if the dynamics does change.. its never as simple as you hoped.. especially if it involves someone who used you to following your lead.
  • Their are lots of different ways to get an upper hand in a relationship. It can happen with simple request.. or it can happen because of a simple mistake. Still.. even if you get an upper hand.. be careful.
  • Because some people fight dirty.
  • You can never underestimate the importance of listening. It can affect your career.. or it can even mend a friendship. Actually.. it keeps you in the moment.. so that you do not miss the things that really matters.
  • Sometimes the moment you have been waiting for.. comes at the most inopportuneness time. Sometimes the moment comes.. you can feel like you have been waiting for your whole life. You just have to hope that no one beats you in there and steals your thunder. Because if they do.. well.. you are just going to end up standing in the corner.. watching.
  • At the end of the day.. life’s pretty competitive. So.. i guess you have to do.. whatever right for you.
  • Some people hide from who they really are.. others eventually accept who they are. But sometimes.. its the tough moment that helps you realize.. who you finally became.
  • Sometimes we forget that.. rules are there for a reason.. other times rules are meant to be broken. And once in a while you have to throw all the rules out of the window and hope that everything is going to be okay.. or may be not.
  • Everyone has there own ways of getting through the day. For some it is simply standing up for there friend.. and gettin away with. For others its talking things out with someone.
  • Its funny how one person can shake another persons foundation of a core. And half the time the guy dose not even know that he did it.
  • I think.. when rational men are forced to face there shortcoming.. they would all do the same thing.. lash out on the person who forced them to do so. By saying, “Who gave him the right to judge me.. because i sure did not. Now let me give him a piece of my mind.. and lets see how he likes it.”
  • I think.. Owning your burden is half the battle. You know that you will eventually have to decide that what all are really your priorities.. or you will find someone else to hang your head off. Still… its not that damn thing to look around.. and see what other peoples have to deal with.
  • When two people collide.. a lot of things can happen.. for some it could be disaster. For others.. it could be salvation.
  • Always remember.. If there is something in your life that you know you can do.. but your mind keeps some roadblocks. Just know that you can drive through them.
  • I think.. its human nature to seacrh for an answer. Sometimes the answer you get is the one you used to expect. But more often or not.. the answer we have been looking for.. was inside us for long. I guess the important thing is to never stop searching for an answer.
  • Guilt is a funny thing.. it can lead to denial. And guilt can lead to compromise. But as the life goes.. you are around them so much that you get used to guilt. And eventually learn how to keep it from affecting your personal relationships.
  • Sometimes.. Acceptance can have a lot of different forms. Whether it is accepting that.. its okay to show your soft side every once in a while.. or accepting someone.. whom you care.. just the way they are.
  • But in the end.. the most important thing to accept is that.. no matter how alone you feel.. no matter how painful it may be.. with the help of those arround u.. You will get through this problem too.
  • Sometimes in life.. it seems like people speak in a completely different language. And when that happens.. even the best of intentions can be misunderstood.. and misunderstandings.. well …they can lead to disaster.
  • Some people say.. everything comes down to luck. While i believe that most minor event.. even a butterfly flapping her wings can affect everything. Because once that seemingly insignificant event happens.. it sets everything else in motion. And insignificant events can lead to significant events. You would be surprised.. how one thing goes wrong around here.. everything seems to go wrong.
  • In life.. its hard to avoid someone you made promise to.. or someone u love.. or even letting down someone you barely knew at all. In the end its the “what if’s” that hearts the most. Like what if.. things have gone little differently. I do not believe in fate.. i believe we are in more control than we think we are. And that every action has a reaction. After all.. the most minor event.. even a butterfly flapping its wings can change everything. Most of the times for the better.. even if it does not seem like at first. Its funny.. how seemly insignificant event can set everything else in motion. And insignificant events can lead to significant events.
  • In life.. its nice if you come through for someone. Of course we still dose not know whether it will work out the way we hoped. In the end.. you learn to treasure the time when things go your way. And be there for the ones you love when “they” dont. But most importantly you learn that somethings are out of your hands.
  • Still.. with so much of life left with chance.. you cannot help but look back and wonder.. what if things have been different. But it is never good to live in past for long.
  • In life.. its always a big risk.. whenever you go out in a lim.. because ultimately you just make yourself vulnerable.
  • Sometimes around here.. you cannot believe what you are seeing. Othertimes.. it is as clear as a day.
  • It is hard.. when you loose for the first time. It is even harder when its the hundredth time. And yet sometimes.. loosing is a good thing. Like for instance, when you loose your insecurities about something.
  • I guess.. you can never underestimate the fact that.. how the smallest gesture can make everything better.
  • In life.. there are professional realizations.. and the personal ones. Because at the end of the day.. in life.. if you try, you can hide from almost anything.. except from your own conscience.
  • There comes a time when every man has to make a choice.. whether its professional choice or whether its a personal choice. In the end.. its about integrity. And its about chasing after what you really want.. even if that means showing you cared a little or a lot. And sometimes.. well sometimes you just have to do what is right for your friend.. even if it means sacrificing your own happiness. And when it comes down to it.. you just have to be proud of the decisions that you made along the way.
  • Everyone has moments in their life.. when emotions run high.. and you have to take a break from everything. But its amazing how one simple gesture can bring you back again from break.
  • In the heat of battle.. it is very important to hold the ground. Because victory could be snatched to a last second.. sometimes you dont even know how it happened. Its amazing how the world can change in an instance. Still.. sometimes.. small victories are enough to get you through the day.
  • I think the whole problem with the people who want, what they cannot have.. is that when they actually get the thing they covet.. they do not want it anymore.


  • Sometimes fate is on your side.. other times you have to steal your own faith. Either way.. you have to trust that.. whatever supposed to happen.. will happen. Besides.. somehow you always seem to end up with the person you were meant to be with.

Quotes – Season 2

  • Its funny that.. sometimes when you do nothing at all.. things just find a way of fixing themselves.
  • Its amazing how sometimes in life.. you know exactly what you want. And in the very next moment.. everything changes.
  • Sometimes in life.. just making a decison is half the battle.
  • In the moments of truth.. we always reveal who we really are. And when that happen we realize that.. sometimes in life.. we are our own worst enemy.
  • Life could be full of surprizes. Some are so unexpected that, when they come.. everything else takes a back seat. And some.. you never thought you would face in your life.
  • I like to think that.. your life comes down to the choices you made along the way. Like a choice to stand up to a superior. Or a choice to focus on what you (You and Your Significant other) have in common.. instead of what you do not have in common. Or a choice to let someone help you for once.   In the end.. You just have to trust your decisons.
  • I think.. it is a crazy notion that.. everyone worries about who does and who does not notice him. So if you could stop it for one day.. that will be good.
  • I think.. everyday is made up of tiny little tests. Some are testing character.. some are testing fortitude.. other tests are testing friendship. And if you are lucky.. when it will really matter.. you will pass it with flying colors.
  • Sometimes i wish i had a guy to stop me when i do something stupid. Unfortunately.. life’s not a sitcom.. It rarely gives you a second chance. And when it does.. you just have to be ready to grab it.
  • Just when you think.. you have figured out everything about your life.. it finds a new way to get you. Sometimes it comes right at you.. sometimes it sneeks up on you. And sometimes.. it hits you in a place you did not even knew you were vulnerable.
  • I guess.. at the end of the day, everything comes down to how we wanna be seen by other people.   Some people wanna be seen as the rebel.. some people just wanna be seen superior.. some people have limits on how far they can go to protect there image.   For me.. it was when i finally stopped to look how other people saw me.. then only i finally start to look better.
  • No matter how old you are.. You should never let go the kid inside of you. Because.. its the kid inside of us.. that keeps us from going all crazy.
  • There are lots of things that can put you by surprises. Sometimes just realizing the fact that you are not just as happy as you thought you were.. and sometimes its when you take a chance.. and loose.
  • And now for all of you “Wait And See People”(ie, people who wait for nice time) out there. If u do not get to the point where you have the courage to take risks.. You will never be a good person.
  • I guess.. it all comes down to what we are willing to risks in order to help others. For some of us.. its our feelings. For others its our future.  For me.. it was taking a risk period.. even if that meant starting with my very first step.
  • I usually do not do much thinking about the future.  I mean lets face it… You can not predict what is going happen. But sometimes.. the thing you did not expected.. is what you really wanted after all.   May be the best thing to do is to stop trying to figuring out.. where you going. And just enjoy where you are.
  • Its hard to face a harsh truth about yurself. I guess.. the only thing you can do is try to take positive steps.  Unfortunately.. its hard to take positive steps.. when you have burned all the bridges you need to walk across.
  • Sometimes our job.. seems like a big hungry monster.   That feeds on our personal life.   It affects every single one of us.  I guess.. you never know.. how the monster is going to attack.  Sometimes it makes you so tired of doing your work.. that you can barely thought of taking care of someone at home. Sometimes it pulls you away at absolute worst time.  Sometimes it takes the roof over your head. And sometimes.. the monster takes something you never thought you would loose.
  • I know.. it may seem insensitive.. but at crunch time most guys are smart enough to say the right thing.  But sometimes.. a worst thing someone can say is.. nothing. Nothing at all.
  • I guess.. in the end.. the monster always gonna be there. The trick is to not let it beat you.  And sometimes it means letting your friends help you out for a change. As for me.. i just have to hope that my problems will eventually work itself out.
  • In life.. things can turn bad.. in a heart beat.  I guess.. when you work in a world of uncertainty.. its great to have someone at home.. you can count on.
  • Realizations are very important. Some of them stop you in your tracks.  Others can lead you in right directions.
  • Its funny when sometimes.. we are forced to see ourselves in a new light.  Hopefully you will see yourself as a time to make a change. And hopefully.. you will be respected for it.  Of course sometimes.. the new light opens your eyes to something you have known in your heart all along.
  • Sometimes when you are down.. you end-up taking it out on the wrong person.
  • Sometimes peoples lie. May be because.. they are proud. Or scared. Or may be because.. telling the truth will make them feel too vulnerable.
  • Sometimes its hard to find the right words.. sometimes words come easy.. and sometimes words do not come out at all.  But ultimately.. you have to glitch your teeth.. and just say it.
  • So often in life.. you feel like you are on an island. Whether its because.. you just cannot bring yourself to a really important decision.. or because you are waiting for an answer.. or simply because you know a secret you wish you did not.  For me.. i was stuck on the island because somebody had put me there.
  • Its not always easy to do the right thing.   Like putting someone else’s feeling before your’s for a change.. even if it goes against what you really want.   Of course there is always grammafications.. even if u do the right thing.. there is no gaurantee.. it will turn out the right way.
  • I guess.. in the end.. everything comes down to the timing.  Sometimes you just have one moment to seize it.   And sometimes.. if your timing is good.. and its works out for you.. make sure that you cherish it.  Because bad timing can mess up everything.
  • I guess.. its hard to predict how a person will react. Other times.. people react exactly the way you think they will.
  • Call me “new ageie” ..but, I think “Karma” is a powerful force.   Because i honestly believe.. you got some bad Karma coming in your a way.. you cannot hide from it.
  • Karma is really just about doing the right thing.. or about being who you really are.   Either way.. there is a lot to think about.
  • Everyone deals with problems in there own way.. some lash it out on others.. some just end up lashing out on themselves. And some people just try to hide.   Unfortunately that never works.
  • Around here.. you have to hold the ground for little victories.  Whether it is a victory over your insecurity.. or the insecurity’s victory over you.   Either way.. you have got to choose your battle.
  • I do not think people are meant to be my themselves. That is why.. if you actually find someone you care about.. it is important to let go few things. Even if you cannot let it go all the way. Because nothing sucks more than feeling all alone.. no matter how many people are around.
  • Sometimes.. you just cannot help yourself to get caught up in the moment. And when that happens.. you never know what is that you are going to do.. or say to the person in front of you.  However.. if things are going well.. you should just ride the way.
  • I think.. everyone likes to believe that its possible to become someone else.  To change.. how people see us. But sometimes.. that change dose not lasts for long. And othertimes.. just makes you miss what u had… a little.   As for me.. i am just happy to know who i really am.
  • Around here.. you tend to get rapped up in your own world. Whether you are trying to planning your day.. or trying to live out your deepest fantasies. One way or other.. everyones finds a way to make it all about themselves.
  • The key to every good relationship is communication.   If you are not open with someone its going to catch up with you.. and if you are not honest.. you will end up getting busted.
  • I think the relationships can be defined by big moments that do not happen.. or by the little ones that do.   But ones you get passed by drama.. its actually pretty simple.
  • Part of being a human is you are ready to deal the unexpected. Whether its someone who wont take no for an answer.. or being shaken to your very core.
  • In the end.. most important thing is that you should have that desire to help people. Because in life.. its impossible to see the light.. being in a tunnel.
  • So it becomes all about.. Perseverance.. Fortitude and Sacrifice. And believe me.. after all that all you can hope for is just an occasional Thank You.

Quotes – Season 1

  • Sometimes.. if all you’ve is old words. Then all you can do is put them together.. and hope they say something new.
  • Life is tricky.. you have to watch what you say. Its not like high school.
  • I think.. the one thing that we never stop looking for is acceptance. Acceptance of our own shortcoming or acceptance that.. somethings are gonna be the way they are.
  • Some days.. the odds are worse than ever.. and on days like that.. i think the best you can hope for.. is to make sure that you took something out of it.  Anything.. anything at all. Even if it means just taking your time.. lying on grass.. and thinking about all the things you still have left to do in your life.
  • Every ending leaves new complications.. new problems to be dealt with. New issues.. to be taken care of.
  • My philosophy is- “Stick with the truth, and you can not get hurt.” BUT.. you know.. philosophy is a tricky thing. You may or may not follow them every time.
  • Its funny.. how our perceptions could be so off.  Like.. when you are searching for a place to fit in and you dont even realize you have been there the whole time.. or how a bunch of posters cannot turn you into a role model.. if you have already been for years.
  • Its amazing.. how we never really stop craving the attention of the people we look upto.
  • Around here.. you have to make big choices everyday. To tell you the truth.. most of these choices actually has nothing to do with our job. In those cases.. you have to make sure that.. your emotions dont get the best of you.
  • In life.. if you are lucky you will realize that.. its okay to give yourself a break every once in a while.
  • Sometimes the only way to have a really good look at yourself is to look through someone else’s eyes. And if your lucky.. you will like what you see.. or you’ll learn from it. BUT.. if you do not like what you see.. i guess all u can do is to hope that.. you have not burned too many bridges.
  • In life.. Faith is very important. Without it.. anyone can gradually fade away.
  • One of the worst thing about the life is how often you feel like.. there is no one to turn to.
  • In life.. miracles do happen.. I think you just have to be willing to look for them.
  • You really do have to keep an eye on all the things around here.. because just when it seems like every thing is going great.. that is when the tiniest thing can throw it all out of whack!
  • I’ve been thinking a lot lately about taking chances.. and how its really just about overcoming ur fear. Because the truth is.. every time you take big risk in your life.. no matter how it ends up.. your always glad that you took it.
  • I guess.. the key to a lot of things is balance. Whether its balance of power.. balance in relationships. For some of us it may seems too far out of reach.. too difficult to achieve. But the important thing is just to.. never stop trying.
  Here's the inside scoop-
  • “Life’s hard enough. And there is no way in hell that you can survive in a dump like this.. unless you find a way to get your emotions out.”
  • I think everyone has there own way of releasing all the stuff that gets bottled up inside them.. I guess i just needed a good friend to help me find mine.
  • Its hard.. try to figure out how to reach somebody.. I guess the only thing to do is try think of someone you look opto.. And then remember how they first got to you.
  • I think a lot of people freak out.. when freshers came. Because it feels like they are forced to accept new people in there family. It changes everything. Me?.. I was more stuck by how these newbies made me look at myself. Who I used to be.. Who i am now.. Who i might someday become. But hopefully not too soon.
  • The only way to judge a growth as a doctor.. hell as a human being..
  • is by making sure that u dont repeat the same mistakes over and over.
  • The worst thing abt being a doctors.. is that u fall short a lot.
  • The best part.. is that if u wait around for a second.. u get a chance to retain urself.
  • I guess.. there’s a good.. in bad for all of us.
  • And once you have accepted all sides of yours..
  • Its a lot easier to sleep at night.
  • For most of ur time spent in constant strain of death and illness..
  • You look for any victory u can get.. even if its just a victory of ur own self doubt.
  • Off course.. sometimes ur ego leads u to a battle that u cant possibly win.
  • And sometimes u have to admit that.. feeling competative between frndship was’nt the bad thing.
  • because if u truely believe ur right.. you’ve to be willing to be fight for it.
  • You know what.. Before you enter in the battle field of this world.. they warn you.. “you will have to make sacrifices.” But i guess.. sacrifices means different things to different people.  For some.. it is like giving up something you really want now.. for something really you wanted for your whole life. Or spending less time on yourself so that you can spend more time with someone you love.  At some point in your life.. you might even have to sacrifice your own sense of safety in well being.. and have to be there for someone.  But after a while.. it does not feel like you are giving up anything at all.


  • If u do not look for mistakes.. you cant find one.
  • Around here.. bad behavior.. always comes back to haunt you.
  • Its funny.. how different peoples.. handle bad news in different ways.  Some people have Visual Reaction.. ome people go into denial.  And some just walk away.
  • I think one of the most universal human experience feeling is this.. Feeling Alone.  You never know it.. but there is most likely tonnes of peoples feeling the exact same way.  May be because your feeling completely abandond.. may be because you realized that you are not that self sufficient than you thought.. may be because u know u should have handled something differently.. Or may be because you are not as good as you thought you were.  Either way.. when you hit that low point.. you always have a choice.  You can either dive in self pity.. or you can suck it up.  At the end of the day.. Its your call.  Because most of the people might think that there is nothing to change.. but they had a little.

Still.. thats not what this story is all about..

Its abt.. the day i realized that.. Admitting we are not heroic.. is when we are the most heroic of all.
…….or in other words.. Sometimes being able to admit we are not heroic is when we are the most heroic of all.

Its never too late.. to turn the whole thing round.  All u got to do is.. stir up a little bit.

How to Kill a Lion..

Infosys Method:

1.  Hire a lion

2. Send him for training in Mysore and make him feel like the KING OF THE JUNGLE.

3. Make him take a ‘Generic Compree Exam’    …LION TURNS INTO CAT

4. Make him take a ‘Stream Compree Exam’      …CAT TURNS INTO A MOUSE

5. Send him into production which has nothing to do with what he was trained for.


7. Send him mails telling about mandatory certifications.


TCS method:

1. Hire a lion

2. Give him hell a lot of work and pay him government salary

3. Lion dies of hunger and frustration

IBM method:

1. Hire a lion, give him a pink slip in an hour …

2. He dies of unemployment…

Wipro Method:

1. Hire a Lion

2. Give him a mail Id.

3. He will die receiving stupid mails all day……..!!!!

Cognizant Method:

1. Hire a lion… ask him to stay for late nights but give him no work to do.

2. Give him Gobi 65 to eat again and again.

3. Hire 100 more lions but do not increase the space to sit

4. Give them same Gobi 65 to eat

5. Hire 200 more……. and more …….

Accenture Method:

1. Hire a lion….

2. Send him to Chennai, India

3. Ask him to stay on bench for a long time

4. Ask him to eat idli, Dosa and Vada

5. No Hindi, kannada or no other languages speaking people other than TAMIL…

6. No good food, No water..

7. And say him “Go Ahead be a Tiger”.

8. Lion dies in confusion… he is Tiger or lion……

HCL Method:

1.        Hire few lions….

2.        Make them to wait for more than one year for joining.

3.        Send lions from NCR to Chennai and lions from Chennai to NCR.

4.        Train the lions on Java/Dot net and ask them to join testing team.

5.        Give lectures on “Lions First” and ask them buy books on “Lions First”.

6.        Relocate the lions from one Zoo to another Zoo and tell them you are to going a better Jungle.

7.        Send old lions to African Jungles (read – onsite) and never    rotate them to Indian Zoo.

8.        Old lions at Africa becomes king of the jungle.

9.        Indian zoo lions becomes frustrated waiting for onsite and eventually joins any of the above jungles (TCS, IBM, Accenture etc)

10.    Lion dies according to reasons appropriate for above mentioned jungles (TCS, IBM, Accenture etc) 

Imagine, that there is a bank which credits your account each morning with Indian Rupee ₹86,400.

But the problem is, it carries over no balance from one day to another. Every night it deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day.
Now my question is.. What would you do?

…Use out every single little penny of it, right!!

Every single one of us has such a bank. And guess what its name is.. Its name is TIME.

Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it closes the account, as lost, whatever of this you have failed to use for a good purpose.

It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft. Each day it opens a new account for you. Each night it burns the remains of the day. If you fail to use the day’s deposits, the loss is yours. There is no going back. There is no drawing against the “tomorrow” or “yesterday”. You must live in the present on today’s deposits. Invest it so as to get from it the utmost in health, happiness, and success! The clock is running. Make the most of “today”. Treasure every single moment that you have! And treasure it more because you shared it with someone special, special enough to spend your time.
Shakespeare once said, “Time and tide wait for none”.

And I believe that..  Past is dead, Future has not come yet. You have only today!!

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